Park Board Eateries

Two new waterside restaurants coming to opposite sides of the Downtown Peninsula. On the left, the English Bay Bistro is now under construction, replacing the rather sorry concession stand of years gone by. The 4,000 sq ft replacement is designed by Acton Ostry Architects and a 2010 decision of the Park Board is to have Cactus Restaurants as the operator – although not necessarily as a Cactus Club. It’s supposedly open in the fall – although they’ll have to ‘do a BC Place’ to get there.

The other restaurant will be in Coal Harbour, which already has an existing Park board restaurant at the Mill Bistro. The Coal Harbour restaurant is also designed by Acton Ostry (they also designed the spiffy new Cactus Club in White Rock). The design looks dramatic, and progress has been slow as the float plane operators have made developing the site difficult. They’re supposedly moving on, the seawall should finally open, and the last piece of the Coal Harbour waterfront should be able to slot into place.

In the meantime the next Park Board restaurant to open will be the Village Kitchen in the Creekside Community Centre in South East False Creek. At least the building is finished there!

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One Response to Park Board Eateries

  1. John Wilson says:

    Considering how much of a prominent position it will have, I’m dissapointed that the English Bay Bistro is just standard, conventional, and unremarkable contemporary design. There’s nothing wrong with it, but there’s nothing interesting about it either. It will be functional, yet forgettable.

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