Screen change

The rezoning for the Marine Gateway scheme was approved at a Public Hearing at City Hall in mid July. A part of the mixed use project includes a new multi-screen movie theatre, a recreational opportunity currently missing from the southern end of the city. Current moves elsewhere in the city, including Downtown, could make this aspect of the scheme an attractive proposition.

Although there’s a cinema complex in the Oakridge Centre at Cambie on 41st Avenue, the city’s Urban Design Panel recently reviewed (and for now, rejected) a proposal to turn that into a store for Crate and Barrel.

Then a couple of weeks later the Heritage Commission were asked to comment on a proposal to turn the Palms Hotel and Coronet Theatre into a new retail and commercial development. These days those buildings are better known as the Granville 7 cinema, whose days are clearly numbered as the report says “the theatre use is no longer viable”.

The Hollywood Theatre on West Broadway closed in May, and in March Leonard Schein who runs the Ridge Theatre on Arbutus Street said the entire retail complex that the cinema sits in was for sale. In the same month Richmond Centre’s 6-screen complex closed for redevelopment.

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