The slightly peculiarly titled ‘OnQue’ (presumably On Quebec Street) is just reaching completion on East Broadway at Quebec Street. Replacing the Legion’s poppy factory, a more appropriate name might be ‘Finally’. The first proposal for the site was made back in 2004, with a different developer and architect. The developer then, the Holborn Group, switched architects and proposed the current scheme, designed by Gair Williamson, a few years later. Then the project was put ‘on hold’ while Holborn switched bosses and concentrated on their two major projects – the still big hole in the ground 60 storey twisting tower on West Georgia, and the Little Mountain redevelopment. Rize Alliance stepped in, took over the site and the design and finally started building. It’s not a dramatic building – pretty standard 4-storey woodframe over retail, (although it would win design awards in some cities!) but it has an impressive density (three times the site area, or 3 FSR) and 48 apartments over retail that’s already showing a ‘Leased’ sign.

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