James and Maynards

Two more projects in – or in the case of Maynards – next to – Southeast False Creek. Both projects are about five floors above grade so far (mid June) and likely to complete early in 2012.

James is Cressey’s 155 unit scheme designed by Rafii Architects, across Crowe Street from Polygon’s completed Foundry development. Maynards technically doesn’t fall inside Southeast False Creek – it’s the northernmost parcel in the Cambie Street C-3A zone. It has 254 units in three buildings, including the retained corner brick building last used as Maynard’s auction house. Unusually for Vancouver it was designed in Montreal by Michelange Panzini, although Buttjes Architects from Vancouver are supervising the construction design. The Maynards project includes retail and restaurant space.

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One Response to James and Maynards

  1. Lee says:

    Can someone shares their thoughts on living in the proximity of area Cambie and 2nd Av? Is it more convenient than OV due to proximity to shops on Cambie (6th Av to Broadway) and Canada Line station. Thanks.

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