Pinnacle False Creek

The most recently completed condo project in South East False Creek is the first of four buildings for Pinnacle, designed by IBI/HB. It’s probably the least exciting building in the area so far, but by being connected to the Neighbourhood Energy Utility it’s still expected to meet the equivalent of LEED Silver rating.

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2 Responses to Pinnacle False Creek

  1. “least exciting”… wow thanks… can yo confirm it it actually has a LEED silver rating?

    • ChangingCity says:

      You’re very welcome. We thought that was more acceptable than “uninspired” or “meh”. It was the choice of three different shades of grey that reinforced that view. (There are other buildings on the same street that it could be argued try too hard in the opposite direction).

      Sorry, we can’t confirm it’s green credentials. It certainly supposed to be LEED Silver, (and it would have to meet Gold standard if it had been built a bit more recently) but the only list we know has just the Platinum buildings.

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