Public Art

Three pieces of public art we really like – two in place, and one to come (with any luck before the end of the year). A vase that was intended to be an Olympic piece finally appeared under Cambie Bridge. Paris based Chilean Tania Ruiz Gutierrez designed “Garde Temps” has LED lights that respond to movement with a series of images pre-programmed into the piece. (Well, it does when it’s working. The rest of the time it’s just a big black vase).

On the Thurlow Street Plaza of the new Convention Centre the author and artist Douglas Coupland’s “Digital Orca” offers a pixelated example of a classic west-coast icon, which twinkles at night. Doug has also designed the replacement artwork to acknowledge the life of Terry Fox to be installed on the Plaza under the massive masts of the rapidly emeging new roof of BC Place Stadium. The design animates the famous ‘hop step’ that Terry showed with a series of increasing sized bronze sculptures, ending with a twice life size figure.

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