565 Great Northern Way

This office development is just completing on the new campus of Emily Carr University on the south side of the False Creek Flats. Designed by Perkins + Will for PCI, it has around 150,000 sq ft of office in 7 storeys with a small single storey retail building alongside. It was only proposed in early 2016, and the tenants are already fitting out, showing that a project that ticks all the right boxes can get approved and built relatively fast.

The tenants are an interesting mix, including an animation studio, Finning (who make Caterpillar equipment, and who donated the land to the University consortium many years ago), Samsung, and a shared workspace leasing company.

We’ll look in more detail at the retail kiosk alongside the office  later, as it’s an unexpected design, and not yet finished.

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1002 Station Street (St Paul’s Hospital)

The application to rezone the site for a replacement St Paul’s Hospital has finally been submitted. Designed by IBI Group for Providence Health Care, the new facility is planned to be built in two major phases, with some land reserved for a final phase later. The application covers:

  • A new hospital and integrated health care campus;
  • Commercial, office, hotel, institutional and limited residential uses that provide a variety of health-related support functions;
  • Retail and commercial space;
  • A range of building heights from approximately 20 m (66 ft.) to 60 m (197 ft.);
  • A new road network through the site that would connect to existing adjacent streets; and
  • Two child care facilities.

The entire project will see over three million square feet of space constructed. The design is preliminary; there’s only one rendering of the buildings. The application is concerned more with the scale, massing and location of the buildings.



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2030 Barclay Street

The gradual infilling of the West End continues. Here’s a proposal designed by SHIFT Architecture with Henriquez Partners for a 10 storey 19 unit condo building on Barclay, near Stanley Park. If approved, it will replace a four storey strata titled hotel converted from residential in the early 1980s. The application notes that “all of the units in the 2,000 sf range and having 2 bedrooms and a den typically, with private outdoor spaces”.


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The Jervis – 1177 Jervis Street

This tower is just completing on the corner of Davie and Jervis. It’s the first (but by no means the last) project that emerged from 2014 West End Community Plan. In a few parts of the West End the plan allows greater density, and in some areas only where the project adds non-market housing.

This NSDA Architects designed 19-storey tower for Intracorp has 63 condo units (almost all 2-bedroom) and there are also 28 non-market units. There’s a small retail unit on the corner of Davie and Jervis.

The completing building appears to perfectly match the model reviewed by the Urban Design Panel only a month after the application was available on the city website. There are some townhouse units in the scheme along Davie. It received a Development Permit only about three months after we first featured it here.

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2102 Keith Drive

Who knew there was a Keith Drive in Vancouver? And who anticipated that there would be such an innovative office building proposed here? The site is just by the VCC/Clark SkyTrain station, and the proposal is for an 8-storey office building with a mass timber frame. The zoning has allowed an office building here for many years

Designed by Dialog, there will be 124,500 sq. ft. of office space in an irregularly shaped building, the result of the main trunk sewer cutting across the site at an angle.

The architects explain the structural elements of the design: “The structural design of the building utilizes an innovative perimeter structural system of diagonally oriented braces which are integrated into the architecture of the building to create the primary expression of the building. These diagonal elements are celebrated within the facade as an expression of the way that the building resists the lateral and seismic forces of the site. By mirroring the orientation of the brace bays as facing pairs and alternating their orientation floor by floor, a repeating two-storey cellular pattern emerges, breaking down the overall scale and mass of the building.” There are balconies, which also act as solar shading, formed by the horizontal elements of the cell structure.

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565 West 10th Avenue

Not all the buildings in the VGH Precinct are owned by the hospital. Here’s one that’s the Canadian Cancer Society premises on West 10th. There’s already a building here providing the same support services for cancer patients and their families, so this is a renovation and modest addition to that building.

Designed by SHAPE Architecture, the building would have 64 hotel rooms and office space. A new large atrium space is proposed along 10th Avenue to engage directly with the street. Seminars, meetings, exhibitions and events would occur within the space.

The architects say that “the proposed wood screen is an ‘Accoya’ modified timber product, treated in a process called acetylation, a cutting-edge patented technology which enables it to resist rot, defy the elements and stay strong for decades. The wood is also treated with a Class A flame-spread finish to the latest code required ratings. The wall behind is a phenolic wall panel cladding, finished in the same tone and grain pattern as the wood screen to emphasize the warm presence of wood on the façade.”


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1155 Thurlow Street


We first posted this very late in 2013. The West End Plan having been adopted, new development proposals started to appear. This tower had been on the radar for a while, with the rezoning submitted, and the Urban Design Panel giving it the the thumbs up.

It’s on a site behind St Paul’s hospital and close to the Mole Hill heritage block, and previously it had a 1977 church building. The new building, which is a joint Bosa Properties and Central Presbyterian Church project, has a replacement church with 45 non-market rental housing units, and 168 market rental units above in a 22 storey building. The signature tree on the roof identifies the design to be by Henriquez Partners Architects.

1155 Thurlow render 1Initially the lower floors were shown clad in a rather 1950s green coloured panel. A 2016 render suggested a much more colourful podium than the monotone that was initially seen at the Urban Design Panel and  shown on the architect’s website. The final version isn’t quite as bright, as the colour comes from tiny screen printed crosses. The tower was completed on schedule, and tenants have already moved in.

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