177 West Pender Street

The City of Vancouver have owned this vacant lot on West Pender Street since 2014 when they became owners as part of the Millennium Properties bankruptcy.

Now there’s a proposal to rezone it for non-market housing, designed by DYS for Ventana who will build the project on behalf of the Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency.

There will be 90 1-bed units, most of them 250 sq ft micro units, in a 10-storey building, with a setback after the seventh floor. The design is intended to compliment the heritage building that surround the site. There’s some continuity here: Davidson and Yuen (the D and Y in DYS) designed Pendera, a 1989 non-market housing building two buildings to the east of this site.

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801 Main Street

Here’s another rezoning related to Northeast False Creek. Designed by Perkins + Will for the City of Vancouver, it’s a massing study for the western of the two city blocks that will be freed up for development by the removal of the Dunsmuir and Georgia viaducts. The render shows the view from the Quebec Street side of the block.

Three structures are proposed, with a 22 storey building in the middle of the site and lower buildings facing Main. The Quebec side shown here has an eleven storey building with two lower wings at right angles. The main floors throughout would have retail uses, and a large food store is illustrated as a possible tenant, facing Pacific Boulevard. A plaza is shown running from Union to Pacific, roughly mid block. There are no details of unit counts, or tenures, but over the two City-owned blocks it is intended that two to three hundred affordable housing units should be created, as well as market housing.

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811 Pacific Boulevard

Here’s the third rezoning proposal for Northeast False Creek. This one is only able to be submitted now, once the decision to remove the viaducts has allowed the site configuration (and the initial design for the newly enlarged Creekside Park) to be settled.

The Concord Pacific lands will see a variety of buildings with heights up to 41 storeys including commercial uses, residential uses including social housing and a public plaza at the foot of Georgia Street, with delivery of the Creekside Park Extension.

Architects Dialog have shown an initial site arrangement of nine buildings, with two towers to the western side close to the stadium (and the Pavco tower) and the remaining area with a more consistent 20-storey set of buildings (that we suspect are ‘build to the view cone’ designs). The City’s guidance is that there should be 2.1 million sq ft of development here, with at least 220,000 in non-residential uses, but we suspect this initial scheme exceeds that limit. It’s not clear if different architects will design the buildings here; Concord have widened their architectural net in recent years, so the implied sameness that this initial set of images suggests might be quite different once the project evolves and detailed designs are submitted.

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750 Pacific Boulevard (Plaza of Nations)


It may be officially 750 Pacific, but it’s the Plaza of Nations to everyone in the city. Or at least, it was – this rezoning will presumably see it getting a new name. The initial proposal here was submitted five years ago and proposed up to 2,000 apartments, 350,000 sq ft of commercial space including a hotel and retail. It also included a new practice arena for the Canucks which would be a public skating rink the rest of the time.

The most striking gesture was James Cheng’s proposed ‘grand arch’ tower (seen here). Now that design is history, and a different concept has emerged with terraced forms creating a frame for a view of the stadium. There are no unit numbers yet, and the design is still conceptual, but there would be around 1,350,000 sq ft of residential space and 350,000 of non-residential, as in the first proposal.

The project includes social housing, civic facilities, including a community centre, ice rink and a 69-space childcare facility; and a new community plaza and seawall.


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777 Pacific Boulevard

The City of Vancouver have just wrapped up consultation on a plan for the North East False Creek area, including the land that will be freed up when the viaducts are removed, and the Plaza of Nations. One parcel included in the plan is the north east corner of BC Place stadium. Pavco, the owners of the stadium, are proposing a 47 storey residential tower over a commercial base that would be extended in a second phase of development. (We assume this phasing is to allow construction, just as the Cactus Club alongside the Bentall 5 tower Downtown was built once the site had been used as the staging area for the tower construction).

The tower would go through one of the city’s view cones, although not above the line of the mountains on the horizon, and the plan suggests a cluster of three towers would all be permitted to reach similar height to create a ‘gateway’ on Cambie Bridge.

By our reckoning there are 458 units proposed in the Stantec designed tower, which features three ‘cutout’ amenity spaces on different parts of the upper part of the tower, and a three storey commercial podium. There’s no indication if these would be rental or ownership units, although it’s unlikely that they would be freehold strata.

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105 Keefer Street


Merrick Architecture were hoping that ‘third time lucky’ was true. When it was rejected, they reworked the proposal again. Here’s the fourth version of  the Chinatown project that we first posted three years ago. After a long and contentious public hearing over four nights, Council voted 8-3 against the rezoning (although both NPA and Vision councilors supported the project). Now it seems that the developers have already indicated they will submit a development project that will fit within the 90′ height limit in current zoning, and won’t be required to include any non-market housing benefit.

The final proposal was reduced from 13 to 12 storeys, and to 110 market and 25 non-market senior’s units. The rezoning was proposed for the corner of Keefer and Columbia, across the street from the Sun Yat Sen garden. The building was sculpted to ensure there isn’t a shadow on the garden.

105 Keefer v3105 Keefer 2The initial design had 137 condos over two floors of retail. The second version (shown below) added rental housing for seniors on the second floor and a complicated broken up façade with 127 condos.

The third version (above) had 119 units, simpler (and slightly less) massing as well as 25 seniors housing units to be made available to a non-profit housing provider. In addition some of the main floor was proposed as a senior’s cultural space – an element that remained in the rejected version.

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1668 – 1684 Alberni Street

There are two relatively recent upmarket condo towers here today, one with eleven stratas, and one with twelve. (They each have only one floor per unit).

Westbank have held a pre-application open house to show a 39-storey 96 unit tower to potentially replace them.

Redevelopment is possible because of the West End Plan. The tower is designed by Bing Thom Architects.

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