Rogers Arena towers

Rogers model

We first saw this project in an earlier design in mid 2012, and again at the start of the year. Here’s what we believe is the final version, with approved development permits for all three towers. Aquilini Developments are developing the towers to wrap the edges of the Rogers Arena. The curved designs by Walter Francl (on the left and at the back) pick up on the design of the first tower proposed some years ago by Busby Associates and revised by B+H Architects – in the foreground. Office uses are intended for the lower floors of the tower at the back, and the one in the front of this model. The upper parts and the third tower will be residential. All the 614 units will be rental, and while the developer would like to have added a fourth tower as well, the city’s planners did not support that idea.

Obviously if the decision is made to remove the viaducts, the context will change, especially for the all residential tower (on the left). These three towers will be the first of a cluster in this area, with development sites also owned by both Concord Pacific and the rezoning of the Plaza of Nations.

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5 Responses to Rogers Arena towers

  1. Reid says:

    All 614 residential proposed as rental? This is strange (correct?), although much needed in this city. Are there city incentives pursuading this project to be rental or is this all the decision of the developer? Any other recent examples of new residential construction being 100% rental?

    • ChangingCity says:

      Yes – it’s 100% rental. There are other rental projects Downtown – The Standard on Granville, 1401 Comox) but they are using some City incentives. This project doesn’t – presumably it’s a bit easier to manage rented property this close to the stadium, rather than have to negotiate with strata councils who may not enjoy every aspect of the ‘entertainment district’.

  2. Tim B says:

    Can’t wait for all the howls of complaints over loud concerts, rowdy fans, etc.
    Good mix of uses!

  3. Jason says:

    Will there be bars, restaurants and retail in the area? Vancouver really needs some good sports bars in the area. Most cities are adopting the LA live model with bars and entertainment district around their stadiums.

    • ChangingCity says:

      It looks like there will be retail (which could include restaurants) on a number of floors of the west tower, the one already under construction. The other towers don’t appear to have retail space, but the details will emerge when those next phases of development get going.

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